arcbot (Update)


6. Free bots (No longer available at this time)

Every client receives a free 5 days trial period, after creating the account. During this time, out bot can be used with its full options and features, having everypower, full commands access, fully editable. After the free trial expires, if you want to continue using our bot in the same way, you will have to pay 1000 xats per month, according to our payments guide.
But, if you consider that you cannot afford it but you still want to use a bot in your chat, you can continue to use it for free, but some of its features will become limited or uncustomizable, such as:
- all bot's powers deactivated
- unable to change bot's name ( will be blocked to: ARCbot[free] )
- unable to change the avatar
- unable to change status
- unable to change homepage
- unable to use !value and few more commands
- limited online time: bot needs to be restarted every 3 days via Cpanel
- limited number of slots available (the free server accepts a short limited number of bots)
For more details see the Free/Paid page

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