Welcome to the help page ARCBots. /Suggestions

First of all to keep up with.

1. This is Concluded 78%

This page wiki need update, because its 250 xats month not 500!!

2. This is Concluded 51%

i Delete me of Wiki staff, now just need to delete me Level !rmod iBau
Deletet me on wiki staff! Thanks ARcbots, We spent good times together, but it was not to be, to always be together, excuse. Sorry….
I had always pleased to help, it was a help, not a thing to do, so I never needed powers xats days, time!
When help heart, no need of reward, the reward is you my friends, thank you!

BiG Respect! Thanks

  • Actavus
  • Annaconda
  • Adam
  • Tiff
  • security
  • Rata
  • karsa
  • Pujan
  • Guinho
  • Booh
  • MAcy
  • Andre
  • Andy
  • Kevzkov - Yoiker
  • Estib
  • Bruno
  • Blacky
  • NAthan

And Others….

Estib flag Espanhol, but now is Portugues, its worng, need flag Espanhol, because he its Espanhol boy!!

3. This is Concluded 8%

New idea for payments Staff

  • 500 xats xats for all staff.
  • 1 k xats for all staff up 50 hours.
  • 3 k xats for all staff up 100 hours!

Because this %%%%%% Message is 50^% Fake, because, i know, i stay everyday on ARcbot with other register, and….. I know what happend on xat ARcbots!!!
When no have users on xat, to talk alone?!!! it is not necessary.
EX: Come on xat 1 min
!check gold
!check purple
hey how are you?
!check namecolor
And others Command usefful for add more Messagein just 1 min. and leave. Okay i dont tell who is this, but, he everytime is active but on ARcbots he come just for 3000 xats 80% 40 hours Active, everymonth.. bla bla…

4. This is Concluded 17%

Âll users who have up 50 or 100 hours Active, won 3000 xats. this its good. because ARcbot need more user active on xat when anyone need help, to stay here on xat, not %%%%%% I stay 40 hors i dont need more!!

dont need 40 hours, + 75% Because this is fake, everyone, know, if i goo every hours 1 min and write 10 msg i have much msg very good Active %%%

5. This is Concluded 50%

Update a page Oficiais chats

Now the wiki page has to be edited, because the bot is automatically.
This page has been updated.

You can see here all update! Twitter ARCBots Everything related to bots.

6. This is Concluded 34%

Edit a Old page, old staff..
Add: Big Thanks …. For old staff , everyone.
I think that sounds good….
Old memories, now all struggling just for xats, ´´almost everyone´´.

This page its /2015 Check + Everything About ARcbots. with help Wiki, ARcbots website, commands, tutorials, everything About ARCBots…….

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This page is Concluded 45%

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